Bio-based Polymers Improve Economics

From decreasing ingredient costs to improving runnability and line efficiency, EcoSynthetix has helped many leading companies reduce their total cost of manufacturing. By replacing petroleum-based ingredients with bio-based polymers our customers also benefit from improved productivity and decreased scrap, while maintaining quality. Our proprietary technology and well-established supply chain infrastructure allow us to manufacture functional biopolymers that are economically competitive with large-scale commercial production of synthetic polymer technologies. For these reasons, EcoSynthetix can offer both cost reductions and cost stability.

Decrease your ingredient costs

Many traditional industrial chemicals are derived from petroleum, making them vulnerable to fossil fuel price instability. For you, this can create budgetary constraints, increased uncertainty and supply chain challenges. While petroleum-based ingredients are reliant on finite resources, our renewable biochemicals are always available and can provide price stability in your operations. Replacing your synthetic polymers on a 1:1 basis or better, our bio-based ingredients can help stabilize your overall supply chain costs and decrease your unit cost of production.

Use fewer ingredients

Our biopolymers exhibit unique properties that enable manufacturers to reduce or eliminate their reliance on non-renewable binders, thickeners and water retention agents. Reducing the number of ingredients you use can help simplify your supply chain and benefit your bottom line.

Improve runnability and line efficiency

Our biopolymers have been proven to help increase line efficiency, increasing plant output. Learn more about how our biopolymers measured up in lab comparisons.

Reduce shipping and storage costs

EcoSynthetix products are often shipped dry, in powder form, providing a significant cost reduction over transporting traditional fossil fuel-based binders, which typically ship in liquid form. Our products have offer longer shelf life and can be stored for months at ambient temperature. And as coating binders they can be used at high solids, delivering additional energy savings.

Reduce complexity and regulatory compliance costs

There are real costs associated with the use of binders made from highly regulated chemicals. By switching to bio-based products, you can reduce regulatory supervision for handling compliance, as well as the reporting requirements that are customary when using highly regulated chemicals  What's more, you can decrease emissions monitoring and concerns over QA testing results.

New opportunities for growth

All other things being equal, your customers would prefer to buy a sustainable product. Transitioning to bio-based products will not only give your customers what they want, it can also give you the opportunity to grow your business in new areas.

For Paper & Paper Board


  • Reduce cost by replacing SB latex and providing total binder optimization.
  • Excellent machine runnability by delivering low high-shear viscosity and improved water retention.

For Building Materials


  • Meet no-added formaldehyde (NAF) regulations without sacrificing product or manufacturing performance.
  • Replace formaldehyde with our bio-based binders on a 2:1 basis without increasing overall production costs.



  • For automotive applications, reduce overall vehicle weight while maintaining all functional "critical-to-quality" requirements.
  • Improve economics, performance and biodegradability of wipes by replacing synthetic binders.



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