Our Markets:


We work with our customers to improve product performance and improve product recyclability in these broad segments.

  • Personal Care: Our products are being adopted for non-woven applications in this space due to the improved economics and biodegradability that is achieved when using our bio-based binder systems. Primarily focused on carded, air laid, DRC (double re-creped) and acquisition layers, our products offer excellent synergies with incumbent polymers for ease-of-incorporation in a variety of processes.
  • Automotive Mattes: Our engineered biopolymers have successfully replaced up to 50% of the synthetic polymers used in fiber mattes, increasing part recyclability, enabling customers to meet industry regulations and improving fuel efficiency through vehicle lightweighting.

Improve Economics

For automotive applications, using our biopolymers can help to reduce overall vehicle weight while maintaining all functional "critical-to-quality" requirements. Replacing synthetic binders in wipes can enable improved economics while delivering performance and biodegradability benefits.

Improve Performance

We work with customers in a range of non-woven applications to deliver performance benefits, including:

  • Binding strength
  • Coating efficiency improvement
  • De-dusting
  • Improved absorbency capacity and rate
  • VOC reduction or elimination

Improve Sustainability

Manufacturers of non-woven applications have achieved improved by biodegradability by incorporating our biopolymers as a co-binder in their binder formulations.


What's Next?