About Us:


At EcoSynthetix, we're proud of what we've accomplished so far, but we're even more excited about what's still to come. We're honoured to have received a number of industry awards that recognize our accomplishments so far.


Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada

Named one of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada by Corporate Knights, ranking 20th overall in Corporate Knights’ transparent, quantitative methodology that places equal emphasis on the ESG performance of a company’s operations and the environmental impact of its core products.

2023 Clean16

CEO Jeff MacDonald was named to Canada’s 2023 Clean16 as a leader in clean technology at the Clean50 awards, which recognizes sustainability leaders in Canada for their contributions over the prior two years. The Clean50 are 50 individuals or small teams selected from 16 diverse categories that transcend numerous  industries, academia, different levels of government, thought leaders and advocates, and are based on accomplishments delivered over the prior two years. The leader in each of the 16 categories is also declared to be part of the “Clean16″, depicting those 16 individual Honourees as the top contributor in each of their respective categories.

2022 Business Excellence Award

Awarded the 2022 Economic Development Award for Excellence in Innovation & Technology by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. Nominations were based on overall business excellence and the criteria include excellence in business leadership, community contributions, entrepreneurship, environment, employee welfare, innovation and market growth.