About Us:

Our Story

Who we are

Founded in 1996 by university friends, Dr. Steven Bloembergen and John van Leeuwen, EcoSynthetix has held the same fundamental beliefs since the beginning: the world needs to reduce its dependence on oil, and naturally derived products can be developed that match or exceed the performance characteristics of traditional petroleum-based chemicals. Today, we’re working hard to find ways to replace non-renewable chemicals with bio-based alternatives in a number of different market segments. Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading technology and market developers of bio-based materials.

What we do

EcoSynthetix' environmentally sustainable products can be used in the manufacturing process for a range of applications in the paper, paperboard, building products, adhesives and personal care markets. EcoSynthetix products allow customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, while offering equal or superior performance, often at a reduced cost relative to incumbent petroleum-based products.

How we do it

Our Core Values shape our thinking and drive our efforts. They include:

  • Innovation is the engine of our business – we are building our business through the continuous innovation of bio-based products.
  • Rapid, sustainable growth – our focus on growth will build a lasting business that delivers a return to our shareholders
  • Customer needs – we will develop products that meet customer needs and provide a compelling value proposition
  • Entrepreneurial teamwork – our success will come though high performance, entrepreneurial and cooperative teamwork
  • Respect and reputation – we will treat all stakeholders with respect and integrity because a good reputation is our most valued currency
  • Responsibility and stewardship – we will be responsible stewards of our environment and the resources we use to make our products
  • Health and safety – our employees' health and safety is fundamental to our operations