Better Performance, Better for the Environment

The journey to a fully sustainable product doesn’t have to happen in a day. We can help you make the transition over time to a product that not only uses renewable ingredients, but also improves your overall manufacturing performance, delivering a superior end product. Moreover, EcoSynthetix is dedicated to helping you reduce risk during the ingredient replacement process by maintaining the same level of product performance over the course of the transition.

Improve runnability and operational efficiencies

For many years, performance limitations have prevented bio-based alternatives from replacing non-renewable chemicals on a large scale. That is, until now. Our biopolymer technology provides binder dispersions with high particle surface area and enhanced binding power and can significantly improve runnability and operational efficiencies in your facility. And it has been proven to work effectively in coated paper and paperboard mills around the world.

Reduce the risk of ingredient replacement

Our water-dispersible biochemicals are fully compatible with incumbent binder components, such as SA and SB latex products. This means substitutions can be incrementally increased with confidence.

Cut the cost of R&D tests

Although we can tell you that our clients consistently experience equal or improved performance when switching from their petroleum-based and synthetic counterparts, we’d rather prove this to you.

With a fully equipped R&D lab and a world-class reactive extrusion line in our Centre of Innovation, we can quickly and effectively run lab trials and full pilots with your company’s unique formulas.  Also, you can have confidence that the results from our lab and pilot facilities are scalable to full production.

Backed up by experience and success

Our team of in-house experts has extensive mill and application experience in the paper and board, non-wovens, wood composites and building materials industries. With more than 30% of our team focused in R&D and customer support, we are well equipped to provide technical support for your team, from initial testing to final implementation.

Match industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

At a lower cost and decreased environmental impact, our biochemicals match or surpass the performance of synthetic latex and formaldehyde binders in a wide variety of industry applications.

For Paper & Paper Board



  • Brightness
  • Fluorescence
  • Ink gloss
  • Opacity
  • Paper gloss
  • Porosity
  • Print gloss
  • Printability
  • Resistance to yellowing
  • Stiffness
  • Whiteness



For Building Materials



  • Binding efficiencies
  • Mechanical strength: modulus of rupture (MOR)
  • Moisture resistance
  • Renewable manufacturing processes
  • VOC reduction or elimination



For Other



  • Binding strength
  • Binder coating efficiency
  • De-dusting
  • Improved absorbency capacity and rate
  • VOC reduction or elimination





What's Next?