No formaldehyde? No problem!

A day when formaldehyde is no longer used in building products is on the way. Consumers are asking for no added formaldehyde options, and many of the world’s largest retailers have pledged to eliminate it. Regulators are taking action as well.

So change is coming. Rather than waiting for it, why not get ready today?

A no added formaldehyde alternative is available now. DuraBind is currently in use with manufacturers of wood composites and is available globally.

So how does DuraBindTM compare to some of the other options currently available?

Mechanical Properties

DuraBind offers mechanical properties equal to that of formaldehyde-based alternatives

  • internal bond
  • Modulus of rupture
  • Screw pull
  • Thickness swell
  • Water absorption

Lower emissions than formaldehyde-based alternatives

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Can be used to meet CARB2, EO, E1, and F-Star standards
  • LEED compliant

Better processability compared to other no-added-formaldehyde alternatives

  • Eliminate MDF blow line build-up
  • Improve machinability
  • Reduce release agent usage
  • Improve pot life of resonated fiber
  • Improve press cycle time

What’s Next

  • Learn more about DuraBind
  • Learn more about our capabilities in building products
  • Looking for a product sample? Contact us