Our Biochemicals:

EcoMer Biomonomer

EcoMer® is a family of functional bio-based monomers that are patented and exclusively available from EcoSynthetix. EcoMer can be copolymerized with conventional vinyl monomers, including styrene, acrylics, and vinyl acetate to produce polymers that are suitable for use in pressure sensitive adhesives, ink and toner resins and paints. EcoMer can be delivered as a low-viscosity liquid, as a 40% solution in butyl acrylate, or in methyl methacrylate, or in pure form as a solid.

Eliminate VOCs

Created from glucose and derived from sustainable sources, EcoMer biomonomer grades are available at varying levels of bio-content. EcoMer contains no VOCs, helping manufacturers meet their sustainability goals.

Impart unique properties

EcoMer grades can be synthesized for copolymerization to achieve unique properties. For example, in waterborne dispersions, EcoMer latex emulsions can act as an adhesion promoter, as a dispersing aid or pigment extender.

Customize a solution to meet your needs

EcoSynthetix is dedicated to working with you to develop a customized solution that meets the unique requirements of your industrial application.

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