About Us:

About Us

EcoSynthetix is a renewable chemicals company specializing in bio-based materials that are used as inputs in a wide range of end products. Our commercial bio-based products exhibit similar performance characteristics compared to non-renewable products they replace, often at a reduced cost.

Using patented processes and technologies, we leverage renewable technology to commercialize a broad spectrum of bio-based products across a number of industries. Our flagship product family, EcoSphere® biolatex® binders are in commercial use around the world in the paper coatings industry. They are used to replace petroleum-based Styrene Butadiene (SB) latex binders for paper coatings. Binders are the chemicals that allow colourful graphics to "stick" to glossy paper used in magazines, books and packaging like cereal boxes.

Our products can effectively replace petroleum binders or "emulsion polymers" in a wide number of other industries, including:

  • Paper and paperboard
  • Building products, such as wood composites and insulation
  • Personal care products
  • Wipes (non-wovens)
  • Automotive parts (non-wovens)
  • Paints, coatings and adhesives

In 2013, EcoSynthetix was named to Deloitte’s Fast 500 listing of the fastest growing companies in North America and to its Technology Green 15 listing. We were also named the third fastest-growing company in Canada by PROFIT Magazine and John van Leeuwen, our Chief Executive Officer, was named to the Clean16, a top position on the 2014 listing of Canada’s cleantech and sustainable business leaders. In 2012, John van Leeuwen and Steven Bloembergen, our co-founders, were named Entrepreneurs of the Year in the Cleantech category by Ernst & Young. EcoSynthetix is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.