About Us

EcoSynthetix is a renewable chemicals company specializing in bio-based materials that are used as inputs in a wide range of end products.

Our commercial products are cost-competitive and exhibit similar performance characteristics compared to the non-renewable products they replace. Our sustainable products allow customers to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing the use of conventional fossil-based chemicals that we replace, such as formaldehyde and styrene-based chemicals.

Our flagship products are DuraBind™ biopolymers, SurfLock™ FSE, Bioform™ biopolymers and EcoSphere® biolatex®. Our bio-based products are commercially used today by customers producing particleboard, oriented strand board (OSB), graphic paper, paperboard, and tissue paper. EcoSynthetix is based in Burlington, Ontario and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (T:ECO).