Improved Sustainability

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CO2 Reduction Benefits from EcoSynthetix Biopolymers versus Incumbents.

(Kilograms CO2 equivalent per kilogram of dry product)

We apply “green chemistry” to transform renewable resources into high-performance bio-based products. Our products generate significant improvements in carbon footprint compared to conventional petroleum-based technologies. Our biopolymers can provide significant benefits to a manufacturer’s impact on the environment in our target markets, with a carbon footprint reduction of 32% to 88% depending on the end market.

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Meet industry compliance regulations

Minimize or eliminate non-renewable ingredients
Start phasing out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by making the transition to our sustainable biopolymers. Start meeting regulatory requirements such as CARB (California Air Resources Board). Stop relying on formaldehyde binders for wood composites or SB latex binders for paper and paperboard packaging.

Reduce toxicity and streamline processes
Eliminate time-consuming procedures necessary for handling toxic chemical ingredients, such as formaldehyde, SB and SA latex, as well as the cost of doing so.

Create a safer work environment
Improve working conditions for your employees with bio-based ingredients. In operation, our biopolymers are non-toxic, easy-to-handle and require minimal protective equipment. Our products are also FDA and GRAS (Generally-Regarded-As-Safe) certified.

Our biopolymers are:

Sustainability starts with a partnership

We believe in supplying better, greener materials from extraction to delivery and are committed to helping you reduce your environmental impact. With low waste and almost zero by-products, our biopolymer manufacturing processes are up to 99% efficient and adhere to all 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. From improving product recyclability to lowering manufacturing and supply chain emissions, choosing our biopolymers will not only help your company reach its sustainability objectives, but our products can help your customers achieve their goals as well.

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Platinum designation from EcoVadis

EcoVadis, a globally recognized agency for business sustainability ratings of supply chains, designated EcoSynthetix a “Platinum” level in sustainability in each of 2022 and 2021. The Platinum designation is the highest rating and only one percent of the 90,000 companies rated attain this designation. The EcoVadis scorecard provides an independent assessment of an entity’s sustainability management system performance. It measures 21 corporate social responsibility criteria, grouped into four key areas: environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

USDA Certified Biobased Product. Product 100%.


Our core products meet the USDA criteria as a Preferred biobased product and carry a biobased content label up to 100%. This label assures a consumer that the product contains a verified amount of renewable biological ingredients (referred to as biobased content). Consumers can trust the label to mean what it says because manufacturer's claims concerning the biobased content are third-party certified and strictly monitored by USDA.

Committed to sustainability

We are committed to preserving the earth for future generations. Our biopolymers are industry leading examples of environmentally sustainable technology. We offer an intrinsic value proposition of a reduced carbon footprint, without sacrificing performance.

We own 100+ patents or patent applications covering composition of matter, application and process for our technologies.