Introducing EcoSynthetix: Developing Polymers For Planet Earth

DuraBind™ a sustainable binder system that addresses carbon footprint reduction

See how it stacks up versus traditional binder systems for wood composites.

Two open hands holding EcoSynthetix product
Planks of material fanned out on floor
Person walking by grocery store aisle.

SurfLock™ improves the dry strength of pulp-based products and increases the use of lower-cost fiber

Boxes stacked in corner of room.

MaizeCare featured in Personal Care magazine by Dow Personal Care

Personal care product being poured on surface.
Multiple personal care products being showcased.

Who We Are

EcoSynthetix offers a range of sustainable engineered biopolymers that allow customers to reduce their use of conventional fossil-based chemicals including harmful materials, such as formaldehyde and styrene-based chemicals. Our flagship products, DuraBind™, SurfLock™, Bioform™ and EcoSphere® are used to manufacture wood composites, personal care, paper, tissue and packaging products, and enable performance improvements, economic benefits and sustainability. We are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (T:ECO).