EcoSynthetix is working to deliver bio-based products to customers in a number of industries. Our commercial bio-based products are designed to deliver improved performance characteristics compared to petroleum-based products and other bio-based materials – often at a reduced cost.

Building Materials

DuraBind™, is a sustainable no-added-formaldehyde (NAF) solution for use in the $15 billion global wood binder market. Using DuraBind, customers have been able to significantly reduce the use of highly regulated chemicals, such as formaldehyde, in their adhesive resin formulations and address their climate change targets with an improved carbon footprint. DuraBind engineered biopolymers are safe and sustainable, offering equal or better performance compared to synthetic‐based alternatives without increasing total system cost.

Person building structure utilizing EcoSynthetix product.
Stacks of EcoSynthetix cardboard

Paperboard, Paper, Tissue and Pulp

We have been commercially serving some of the largest global forestry and paper companies for more than 15 years. Today, our two major products sold into the paperboard, paper, tissue and pulp markets consist of SurfLock™ strength aids and EcoSphere® biolatex® binders. Both products offer manufacturers a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil-based chemistries that improve their carbon footprint and that match or improve the performance characteristics of the products they replace.

Personal Care​

Bioform enables customers the ability to develop and market innovative personal care products based on natural ingredients that meet consumer needs and enable significant carbon footprint reduction opportunities. Bioform is exclusively distributed and marketed by Dow Chemical, under the brand name MaizeCare™ Style Polymer and MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer, which are sustainable, corn-based ingredients that provide consumers with top-performing benefits like improved humidity resistance, curl retention and flexibility in hair styling products.

Showcase of multiple EcoSynthetix personal products
Roll of labels

Label Adhesives

EcoStix is a family of sugar-acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that incorporates our EcoMer technology within the latex copolymer structure. EcoStix bio-PSA is a waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive designed for a wide range of label, film and specialty applications like recyclable packaging, labels and stamps. It offers biodegradability and repulpability for adhesion to materials that are compostable, such as bio-based plastic films and paper.