EcoSphere biolatex binders

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EcoSphere Biolatex Binders for manufacturing graphic paper and paperboard

EcoSphere® biolatex® binders are commercially available globally as coating binders to replace styrene-based latex in graphic paper and paperboard. They can provide cost savings, while improving quality, productivity and performance as well as delivering environmental benefits. Following the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, EcoSphere is designed and manufactured without leaving a sizable carbon footprint or generating harmful by-products.

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EcoSphere biolatex binders


Bio-based binder systems that work.

EcoSphere biolatex binders have been in production with many of the paper and paperboard industry’s largest manufacturers since 2008. To date, we have sold more than 200 million pounds (or 90,000 dry metric tons) of EcoSphere biolatex biopolymer products to customers around the world. We offer a suite of commercial grades of EcoSphere, each of which is engineered for specific customer requirements.

Improve runnability, printability and coating efficiency.

EcoSphere biolatex binders enable low viscosity at a comparably high shear rate. This combination has been proven to help manufacturers boost runnability and machine throughput for better line utilization.

EcoSphere biolatex binders has also been proven to help customers improve product performance in graphic paper and paperboard and can increase:

  • Opacity
  • Brightness
  • Whiteness
  • Stiffness
  • Binder strength

EcoSphere has also enabled clients to reduce or eliminate rheology modifiers and thickeners in their formulation, resulting in overall cost reductions and formulation simplification.

Stabilize your supply chain costs with renewable ingredients.

Every day, we work with manufacturers of paper and paperboard products to improve their economics. EcoSphere biolatex binders are a bio-based latex binder made from corn starch, a renewable feedstock. EcoSphere exhibits superior performance characteristics at a lower cost. We help to reduce costs by replacing Styrene Butadienne, Acrylic or Acetate latex and providing total binder optimization, and to improve runnability by delivering low high-shear viscosity and improved water retention compared to traditional binder systems. EcoSphere is often shipped as a powder, so we can deliver significant transportation cost savings compared to liquid binders, further helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Improve Sustainability

Our manufacturing processes consume significantly less energy compared to those for SB latex and other binders. In addition, by using our biopolymers in your paper or paperboard manufacturing process, you can reduce your overall carbon footprint by up to 60 percent and add value for brand owners, retailers and end users.

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